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Facilitate the meeting of foresight and chance.


Analog photographer by taste and training, my work uses traditional printing techniques, but also the pictorial art of colour.

I think that the real material of photography is the reality inscribed in a given time, and the narration of this reality takes a determining part in the interpretation that I give of it.

Each image originates from the materials of film and paper. They are quite often enhanced with colour in watercolour ink. They are in fact unique works of art with multiple variations. The prints are entirely made by me.
I appreciate that the stages of realization and the whims of the material bring their expertise of chance.

The colouring of certain prints, as well as the techniques of superimposition at the time of shooting, whether associated or not, allow me to integrate a large part of the imagination.

The essence of my approach could be considered as a poetic documentary.


janloup Sieff, jan saudek, Richard Avedon, irving Penn, Robert Frank, Marcel Duchamp, Dali


1987-1989 Ecole de photographie (EFET) Marseille, France
Marc Paraskeva

The artist at work

Solo Expositions

2021 Cultural Guest House Mas des ourson Arles, France

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